A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words... Ansel Adams

There is a beauty and honesty in everything that surrounds us. Sometimes you just have to take a moment and wait for it to be revealed. This is my philosophy towards life and in my work. I try to capture these moments of simple beauty and share them. Currently I am working in acrylic paintings, and photography both color and black and white.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Apparel Design from Iowa State University. I was raised in the Midwest but have lived in many parts of the United States. Being a child in the Midwest every aspect of life was an interaction with nature. Nature often dictated what you would wear that day and how you would go about your activities. Extremes of cold and snow to the heat and humidity of summer played a role in my respect and awe of nature, and is often represented in my art. I moved to the Valencia area in 1997 and began showing my photos and paintings throughout shows and galleries in Southern California.

My style is simple using big shapes, lines textures and bold colors to convey my impressions of the world around me.
Currently I am the Curator for the Canyon Theatre Guild Art Exhibit in Newhall, California, The Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre in Newhall, California and exhibits at Barnes and Noble booksellers in Valencia, California. I hope to continue to find new local venues for artists to exhibit their work for all to enjoy. Through my own artwork and efforts I also hope to encourage those who have never picked up a paintbrush, pencil or camera to start creating and expressing themselves with these media.
Currently I have works on display in PetiePies California Cuisine, Valencia California, the Catalina Art Gallery in Catalina, California, The Canyon Theatre Guild in Newhall California, and The Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre in Newhall, California.